Rewind #3

Recollections of Crockett Elementary

"...who were all those strange urchins from Crockett Elementary? Go Bears! (Were we really the Bears? I remember voting, just forgot the outcome.) I do remember the janitor: "Hey, Clarence!!" "Whut you boys doin'?"

I also remember miscreants having to walk back and forth behind the office carrying bricks, though I never did time myself, of course. Or at least I've made a point to forget it.

Aerial Bombardment, physical fitness tests, blown-on asbestos insulation in the third and fourth grade building (not to mention a special assembly on the wonders of asbestos, cough, cough), great cafeteria rolls, horrible cafeteria meatloaf, goofy-ass folk dancing on the cafeteria stage (as the announcer, ahem, I managed to avoid that embarrassment; I got to look goofy standing still), some yahoo in a cardboard Abe Lincoln hat running for student council president and getting beaten by William -- and, of course, the famous plywood shadowbox movie screen with the aluminum spray-paint surface that could be viewed by as many as three children at a time -- out of 35 -- as long as they sat no more than five degrees off dead center in front of it (later, someone discovered curtains, and the rest of us finally got to see the films, whereupon we discovered that we hadn't missed anything.

Still, it was a lot more fun than being taught something."

 - submitted by Steve Kelton


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