Johnny, that "red thing" was a 1949 Jeepster Roadster my uncle let me have as long as I could keep it running. Some of my fondest memories are my brother and I (or Gordon Hay or Steve Brown or Ronnie Bomer or whoever) throwing my paper route in it and then going by Boeme's (sp?) Bakery, buying a dozen fresh doughnuts (right out of the fryer, Krispy Kremes got
nothin' on 'em) eating our fill, sitting on the rest of them and throwing them like Frisbees at the ducks in Sulpher Draw.

That car was the best but it also nearly killed me many times. Like the time I forgot to fully latch the hood and it flew up on Beauregard bridge; Nolan Garrett and I got tickets after church one night for swerving in and out between each other on the NEW Bryant throughway (it didn't even go "through" yet); picking up LaDawn in the rain was always fun because it didn't have side windows (it was cool because she had to sit closer to me). Man, I wish I had kept that car up so my uncle would have let me keep it.

Web Guy's footnote: I know firsthand how wonderful the Holsum doughnuts were. I worked one summer at the bakery and the biggest treat was picking out a fresh doughnut (or two) as they cooled on the racks. Ralph is absolutely right... Krispy Kreme's got nothin' on those doughnuts!